Tips for Decorating a House with Rugs

Jan 04

Many people never realize the impact a rug may have on their houses. Some people consider the rugs just a luxury that they can avoid. It is a common misconception and homeowners need to change their mindset about this important house accessory.

Well, it is true that one can live in a house with bare floors that are either concrete, tiles, or wood. A rug, however, helps to add some warmth and comfort to a house. It also helps to define the shape of a room, differentiate the different sections of the house, as well as add a layer of elegance to the room’s setting.


A rug is important in creating a center point in a room where important meetings and conversations take place. It also helps you to make decisions on the different pieces of furniture and accessories to use in room decoration.

Decorating with rugs can be a mind-boggling activity. One can choose from so many different types, colors, and fabrics of rugs avoiding the most common mistakes. The different kinds of rugs serve different purposes. To make the best of it in your home, you can consider the following tips for decoration purpose:


  • Creating Harmony In Your Home

To create symmetry and harmony in your house, consider using more than one rug. You can choose a rug that compliments all the pieces of furniture in the house. Though using varying patterns can create an unpleasant effect.


  • Creating Variety

Rugs can help create variety in a room. When more than one rug is used, it visually separates the different parts of the room. Consider using different sizes of rugs because they help bring out a sense of variation in a room.



  • Defining Different Areas Of A Room

Rugs define the different areas of a room, especially a large spacious area. The dining area, sitting area, and the foyers are the main areas where you can use rugs to define and bring out some sense of fashion.


  • Creating A Center Stage

Rugs make a huge impact in defining the focal point of a room. To create the center stage, consider painting the walls in a color that brings out a contrast with the rug. It visually increases the focus on the rug than any other decor.


  • Refurbishing A Room

In case you are tired of the setup of your room, or it does not feel as exciting as it was when you first furnished it, you can update the look by changing the rugs in the room. You can also consider changing the curtains or pillowcases together with the rugs to suit the different seasons.


  • Variety Of Shapes To Choose From

One should not be limited to a rectangular or a square shape when choosing a rug. You can play around with the different shapes like a circular shag rug to get one that matches the furniture shapes and house arrangement.



  • Wall Decoration

A rug is not limited to decorating only the floor. You can also use it as a wall hanging to create a focal point in the house. You should use colors that compliment the wall painting.



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How to Choose the Right Runner Rug

Nov 21


Every home with a good design scheme has a beautiful and functional runner rug. A runner rug is a long, durable, and decorative rug that accents long, narrow spaces like hallways and areas such as galley kitchens and bathrooms. These rugs come in a variety of colors, styles, materials, and patterns so you can literally find one to fit any style you desire for your home.

Choosing the Right Colors and Patterns

The colors of your runner rug should complement the interior of the space you are adding the runner. If you have gray walls, a lighter shade of gray area rug with white colored patterns would be a great addition to that interior space. The patterns you choose for the runner rug should fit well into the overall design of the room. Keep in mind that certain hues show dirt. Dark colored rugs are the best option for homes with children and pets as well as for high traffic areas. Consider sticking with dark colors that hide dirt and mess well, making the floor look healthier between cleanings.

Finding the Right Runner Grade

The grade of the sheet pile effects how the rug feels under your feet and how hard or easy it is to clean. A low pile is very easy to clean and maintain but isn’t comfortable on the feet as the rug with a thicker pile. Homes with children and pets should consider avoiding rugs with a thick shag design, instead choosing to go with a more durable weave such as bamboo or other lightweight materials. Homeowners must also take allergies into account when deciding on a material for their runner rug. Some people experience an allergic reaction to wool while others are very sensitive to synthetic fibers such as an olefin. If your allergies are triggered by dust or pet dander, choosing a thinner rug is the best option.

The Amount of Space You Have

Before choosing the perfect runner rug for your home, you should first measure the space where you plan to place your rug. Knowing the exact dimensions of the area you are adding a runner rug to will help you choose the perfect rug size. If the rug is too big it will make the space feel too small and cramped. If the rug is too small it will have the opposite effect as well as become a trip hazard. When in doubt about what size rug you should have, consult a professional carpet and rug salesman or a professional interior designer. A good rug is supposed to enhance the space you are adding it to, and if it’s the wrong size it will ruin the desired design of the area.

It can be daunting when it comes to finding the perfect runner rug but don’t get distraught. There are literally thousands of high-quality runner rugs on the market means you are sure to find the perfect one for your home. Take into account the amount of space you have, the décor in the room and the amount of traffic the runner will encounter. All those details are essential in choosing the perfect runner rug for your home.

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How To Choose Area Rugs

Apr 15

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